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November 21, 2020
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The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus, King of the Universe

Solemnity of Christ the King
Ezekiel 34; 11-12, 15-17
1 Corinthians 15:20-26, 28
Matthew 25:31-46

A. Text/Context
• The gospel today talks to us about the last things: the Parousia which means the end of times and this is accompanied with the final judgment which the gospel talks to us in great details, eternal punishment, and eternal life
• And the judge himself is no other than Jesus himself who is the Christ who is the king and his kingdom is the whole of the universe
• And surprisingly, this king who possesses such an immense power for the whole universe is not concerned with building a kingdom with all the ostentatious trappings of golden and silver palaces, or pomp and revelry in grand festivals
• What he is concerned is simply the very basic needs of his subjects: food for the hungry, drink for the thirsty, a welcome to strangers, clothes for the naked, care for the sick, and visits to those who are in prisons
• The bases are just the very simple and ordinary acts of charity that we perform to other people
• And after that, the result of the judgment, the segregation follows: those who do these things are the righteous and they will have eternal life, but to those who do not they will have eternal punishment
• Another 2 of the last things that the gospel talks about: heaven and hell. He will segregate the sheep from the goats. The sheep are the good people while the goats are the bad people
• The images used in the gospel as well as in the 1st reading in the Book of the prophet Ezekiel are the sheep and the goats because these 2 animals are the earliest animals domesticated by the Jews
• The sheep or the lamb or the ram is known to suffer in silence. It does not complain even in pain. It symbolizes strength and honor and good actions
• While a goat is an animal representing shame because of their lascivious behavior
• A man who is very weak and who cannot protect his wife or family is considered a goat
• And a wife violated by a man who is not her husband is also considered a goat. So the goat represents shame and evil actions
• So these are the backgrounds why the images of a sheep and a goat are used in the readings today
• Of course, we will not demonize the ordinary goat that we domesticate for meat, it has nothing to do with the last judgment

B. Human Situation
• My brothers and sisters, Jesus the King and the judge will not ask his subjects on the day of judgment a long list of success and fame or achievements that we have while we were on our earthly life
• Jesus will not ask who among us have built the largest business empire in the world. He will never ask if we are successful in our business ventures
• Jesus will not ask who among us is the most brilliant or the most intelligent or who is the most famous or the most handsome and beautiful
• He has only one criterion and that is charity. He will only ask are you charitable to others?
• Did you give food to the hungry, drink for the thirsty, did you welcome a stranger, did you donate clothes for the naked, did you care for the sick who is helpless, did you visit the people whose freedom to move around is restrained because they were in prisons
• The Lord will answer: all the things that you do to your fellow men and women you also do them to me
• The Lord will also answer: all the things that you did not do to your fellow men and women you also did not do them to me
• As Christians, how do we prepare ourselves when the time comes that we have to render our personal accounting of what we did to others?
• Shall we build feeding centers in order to feed the hungry beggars?
• That will be a noble idea but it is not necessary. First of all, there are no beggars if the relatives and families will take care of them
• Are we going to build centers for street children in order to house them and feed them and clothe them and educate them?
• That’s a very charitable idea but again it may not be necessary. First of all there will be no street children if all the parents no matter how poor are very responsible in raising up their sons and daughters
• There will be no street children if there is no abuse in the home, family or even extended families
• We do not have to go beyond the daily ordinary duties that we have in order to perform charity
• You can still be charitable if you entertain the needs of your clients properly in the offices. You can still be faithful to your duty by maintaining a composure even if your client is so arrogant
• We can still be charitable if you have done faithfully what is required of your duty so the institution will not be placed in a very bad financial situation
• All the things that we do with malice will all be accounted for in the end
• Just how busy you are in business but you are very supportive to all kinds of charity projects you are already doing an act of love
• Or you extend a little help to your neighbor who is in need and you did not overprice the goods you sell
• The children will feel the love as they see their parents who work so hard for their own good
• You are already doing the very action of your duties and obligations as a father or mother
• If the people in the national government, city and municipal government are very careful to set aside the budget allocations intended for education, scholarships, research, health, and many others and release them without any delay, you are already doing the act of charity right from where you are
• So you see, the demand of doing good to others lies only within the scope and limitations of our duties and obligations of our daily life that is why all of us can do it

C. Challenge
• In this celebration of this solemnity of Christ the King we are reminded to continue the good things that we do to others wherever we are and in whatever state of life we belong because the bottom line of doing good is that we make other people happy
• While we perform our ordinary duties as parents, as school teachers, as businessmen and women, as officers and technocrats in government with clean hands and by being faithful to our assigned tasks we make others happy
• And most of all, we are also preparing ourselves at the same time for the final judgment
• What good work can we present to the Lord if we are negligent and we are not performing our duties as public servants?
• The next Sunday is already advent season as we prepare for this season of penance, let us ask ourselves, have I been very selfish lately? Am I remiss in assisting the others
• What good acts have I done to my fellow brothers and sisters?

Matthew 25 verse 31-46

Matthew 25 verse 31-46

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