Matthew 2:1-12 January 2 The Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord
January 1, 2022
Luke 3:15-16, 21-22 Baptism of our Lord January 9 Samtang nag-ampo si Jesus, naabli ang langit ug mikunsad kaniya ang Espiritu Santo sa dagway sa usa ka salampati. Unya nabati ang usa ka tingog gikan sa langit nga nag-ingon, “Ikaw mao ang pinangga kong Anak. Nalipay kaayo ako kanimo.”
January 9, 2022

Matthew 2:1-12 (English) January 2, 2022 Solemnity of the Epiphany of Our Lord (We may not have seen the beauty and the brilliance of the Lord with our own naked eyes just like what the shepherds saw and what the Magi has witnessed or even the animals who were there in the manger but he has already revealed to us who he is a long time ago)

Solemnity of the Epiphany of Our Lord
Isaiah 60:1-6
Ephesians 3:2-3, 5-6
Matthew 2:1-12

A. Text/Context
• Before the 2nd Vatican Council, this feast of the Epiphany is known by the Christian faithful as the feast of the 3 kings. Today we use the word Epiphany instead of the 3 kings
• The epiphany is a manifestation of something that is great and sacred so that it will come to the knowledge of all the people in the whole world
• In the gospel today, the 3 wise men or the 3 kings or the Magi arrived in Jerusalem because they are following the movements of the stars in the heavens
• And they discovered that something very great is manifested in the star that they follow and they reached the manger in Bethlehem and saw the child Jesus and his mother Mary and they offered gold, frankincense, and myrrh
• They are all very expensive and afforded only by wealthy people of their time because Jesus is very great and holy and to be revered as a king and he deserved such gifts

B. Human Situation
• This whole story of the epiphany is actually a series of visitations where it is made known that the savior is born
• 1st He was born in a stable or in a barn. The place to shelter domesticated animals. It was the animals who first witnessed the birth of our Lord. The visionaries would say it was the breath of the animals around that made cold stable warm
• 2nd Then the poor shepherds came. A social class of people considered poor in the NT times
• 3rd Then came the turn of the rich, the Magi. So Epiphany means a manifestation of God’s power revealed to all of humanity rich and poor alike, and the whole creation of the entire universe
• But the bad people like King Herod upon knowing from the wise men that a newborn king of the Jews is born felt so scared, so frightened of the thought that one day a new ruler would usurp his throne. He cannot accept the fact that one day his power will end
• Angry and furious that he was tricked by the Magi and unable to find the child in its exact location he decided to massacre all the infants born in Bethlehem 2 years old and below (December 28 Holy Innocents Day)
• King Herod has to resort to this horrible and senseless killings because of the mere thought that one day he will not be king anymore because he is old and he has no heir to the throne
• So while the Epiphany brought peace and joy to the just and the righteous, at the same time it also brought fears and shivers to the notorious and the wicked like Herod, the madman

C. Challenge
• This feast of the Epiphany reminds us that God has already been revealed and manifested to us more than 2,022 years ago
• We may not have seen the beauty and the brilliance of the Lord with our own naked eyes just like what the shepherds saw and what the Magi has witnessed or even the animals who were there in the manger but he has already revealed to us who he is a long time ago
• According to the writings of the saints the Epiphany of the birth of our Lord, sent animals jumping for joy, plants bloomed to full flower, and the shepherds headed for Bethlehem in overwhelming excitement
• But the forces of darkness, they shivered and cowered in fear, just like what happened to Herod
• The Epiphany confronts us of the vision of a God who is supreme, great, powerful sacred and holy
• The epiphany should inspire a holy fear of God in our heart because he can destroy a kingdom a thousand times bigger than that of King Herod
• And the epiphany should also evoke an inspiration of joy to all of us that a God himself has to come down to earth to bring redemption to everyone
• So today in our lives as a creature of God, as created human beings living in this world, we are experiencing hardships and difficulties because there are manipulators similar to King Herod who want to control everything in the world
• And today we see this form of control manipulated by the greed of the powerful and the elite and so we have this pandemic which until today there is still no end in sight
• The globalists want us to be poor so that we will be subservient to them virtually making us slaves in all aspects of life including the loss of our own freedom
• If these people are so powerful, why is it that it will take them centuries just to herd us like sheep to follow them? Why have they not conquered the world fast enough? Why is it that we still survived even with this pandemic that has been hyped to be so fatal and deadly to the maximum
• Sooner the king of all kings will destroy the people who are so corrupted with greed and power and the same king will restore the wealth of our nation back to the people, because the globalists have already lost control
• This is already an epiphany, a manifestation that the power of evil is only so little compared to the awesome power of God and their time will soon end
• Most of the broadcast in the mainstream media is just the fake news. They do not tell the truth in order to control our minds. This is mind control working through television
• When you tell a lie 3 times people may not believe you. But if you keep telling a lie a hundred times, the lie will become the truth and many will believe
• So telling a lie consistently is really a method of mind control because it conditions the psyche of a human being. But the lies can only be temporary, eventually the truth will come out
• So let us not be sad, let us not be hopeless, we must not resort to violence if this pandemic hurt us as we get so anxious and worried of our situation
• Do you know that the emotions of sadness, helplessness, hopelessness, anger, vengeance, and vendetta are very negative and such negativity feeds the demons. The devil sucks the energy of sadness, anger, violence, hatred coming from the people
• Let the demons die by depriving them the food that they need. That’s why the demons hate joy, love, charity, happiness because they cannot survive in a situation of bliss and joy
• Let us put a stop to all those private little wars with others because they are really nothing compared to the awesome power of God
• This is the challenge of the epiphany. If God will look at his children with justice, at the flick of his finger the whole world can be cleaned of corrupt and crooked people
• But God looks upon his children with love, patience, and charity. He keeps on waiting, and waiting, until the day that our hearts will all learn to love and we are all ready for the reign of His kingdom
• We need to look at the light and not the darkness as we heard in the 1st reading
• Let us follow the loving plan of the Father as the 2nd reading has also told us
• And that will be the greatest Epiphany of all, when the KOG will be in its fullness

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Matthew 2 verse 1-12 English

Matthew 2 verse 1-12 English

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