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November 26, 2020
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November 28, 2020

Mark 13:33-37 – First Sunday of Advent

A. Text/Context
  • In order to understand the celebration of the Advent season we need to present a little background of the meaning of Advent
  • Advent – Latin word adventus meaning arrival or coming
  • And the advent season is divided into 2: the 1st part of advent is from today the 1st Sunday of Advent until December 16
  • It is the celebration of the waiting for the arrival of the 2nd coming of our Lord
  • The prophet Isaiah in the 1st reading prays in ardent supplication to “return for the sake of your servants, the tribes of your heritage”
  • We wait for the 2nd coming of the Lord in glory of the final judgment or the parousia
  • The 2nd part of advent is from December 17 to December 24, and this is the celebration of the arrival of the Lord to be born of the Virgin Mary as the savior of the world
  • The 1st part will tell us about the gospel that we prepare for the final judgment the reason that Advent is a penitential season as signified in the violet colors of the vestments and linens in the altar
  • It is very clear in the gospel today that it will happen anytime so we have to make preparations now
  • The same thing that happened during the time of Noah during the great flood. The people were eating, drinking, and marrying when suddenly torrents upon torrents of water rained down from the heavens inundating the whole world killing everyone except Noah and his family who were all safe in the ark
  • They do not know that the great flood will kill them all
  • The details of the great flood that immersed the whole earth are found in Genesis
  • But the greater details are found in the Book of Enoch but it is no longer included in the OT but this is found in the scriptures of the Israelites
  • So the 2nd coming of the Lord will be in that manner. It will just be an ordinary day and we will all be doing very ordinary things: doing office work, household chores, cleaning, jogging, doing business, and suddenly, the Lord arrives
B. Human Situation
  • So how do we prepare ourselves? The gospel says Watch. We always watch out and obviously, it is the spiritual preparation for all of us
  • This is not a kind of preparation that fanatics do or similar to what the preppers do; like building shelters, stocking food, the story we hear from fanatics and fundamentalist religions
  • St. Paul said in the 2nd reading that he is happy and grateful that the faithful Christians in Corinth have become irreproachable as they seem to be all ready for the coming of the Lord
  • The preparation will just be done in the ordinary duties and obligations of our daily lives. We only do the usual duties but there is now a big difference
  • We do not hate our neighbors, we do not trample on the rights of others, we do not possess things that are not ours, we do not harbour vengeance and vendetta towards others where our hearts are so full of rancor and anger aiming for revenge once an opportunity sets in, and we have no hidden dirty secrets in our life
  • It will be just the ordinary preparations and we already cleanse ourselves in this season of penance
  • A lot of people are thinking it is very difficult to prepare spiritually but mind you it is not really that difficult or severe
  • If we work with the purity of intentions and motivations, we are already a holy person living in this world and in that sense we are already prepared in any eventuality that Jesus will suddenly arrive to judge us
C. Challenge
  • So the challenge of the gospel for all of us Christians is the spiritual preparation concretized and made into actions in the daily obligations that we do
  • With that, we keep watch at all times and we care not to be blemished by the stains of sin and impurity
  • That we see the guidance of God in every ordinary thing that we do
  • If we only know that the last judgment will be next year there will be no more retailers selling their goods at exorbitant price
  • The bankers will no longer offer loans with high interest rates
  • The faithful will fill the Churches everyday attending masses even with the lockdowns
  • The priests will be very tired hearing confessions and giving absolutions for Catholics
  • Perhaps we would even want or desire that when Jesus arrives he will see us kneeling in front of the tabernacle or reciting our rosary in front of our home altars, but we do not know the day the Lord arrives
  • So we have no other options of preparing ourselves except to be prepared everyday taking care of the purity of our intentions and motivations
  • Advent is a season of hope. If we turn back to God, God will relent
  • No matter how horrible our sins are that we seem to feel to be eternally damned God will elevate us from destruction
  • When hope is present no amount of accusation can discourage us
  • As the 2nd reading in 1st Corinthians tells us: “He will keep you firm to the end, irreproachable on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ”
  • In this season of advent we thank God for he has given us hope that serves as a bright light at the end of a dark tunnel

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Mark 13 verse 33-37

Mark 13 verse 33-37

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