Mark 9:38-43, 45, 47-48 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time Ug kon ang usa nimo ka mata maoy makaangin kanimo sa pagpakasala lugita kini! Mas maayo pa kanimo nga mosulod sa Gingharian sa Dios nga usa ray mata kay sa duha ang imong mata apan itambog ka sa impirno
September 25, 2021
Mark 10:17-30 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time Mitutok si Jesus kaniya uban ang gugma ug namulong, “Usa ra ka butang ang kinahanglan nimong buhaton. Lakaw ug ibaligya ang tanan mong katigayonan ug ihatag ang halin ngadto sa mga kabos ug maangkon mo ang mga bahandi sa langit. Unya balik nganhi ug sunod kanako.”
October 9, 2021

Mark 10:2-16 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery, and if a woman divorces her husband and marries another she commits adultery

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Genesis 2:18-24
Hebrews 2:19-11
Mark 10:2-16

A. Text/Context
• The Pharisees are asking Jesus: Is it lawful for a husband to divorce his wife? It does not say: Is it lawful for a wife to divorce his her husband
• Bear in mind that the Jewish culture specifically does not reserve the right to a woman to write a letter of divorce to her husband. It is culturally improper for a woman to do that and only a man can initiate divorce
• Jesus said to his disciples: Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery, and if a woman divorces her husband and marries another she commits adultery. This time the woman is included
• With such answer, Jesus has already laid the foundations on the issue of gender sensitivity even during his time
• Jesus answered the question: what God has joined together should not be separated, and this is the law of God
• In the 1st reading in Genesis, divorce was only allowed by Moses because of their stubbornness, because they cannot be faithful to their partners in marriage, they cannot be true to their promises of love and care both in times of joy and sorrow within marriage

B. Human Situation
• The Catholic Church has always been consistent on its stand on the issue of divorce since time immemorial
• Today, the Philippines is the only country where divorce is not allowed standing proud but this is already shaken with some of our technocrats introducing the bill of divorce through the RH Bill
• The prohibition of divorce ensures a safety net that protects the dignity of the sacrament of marriage and the family
• Because married couples even within marriage could still fall in love for another man or another woman other than their husband or wife out of human weakness
• This is to keep the married couples from changing partners at will rather than stick to one through thick and thin
• This is also to protect the children from harm and danger who will be the innocent victims of a marital fallout. We have to understand the pains of separation that certainly shatters the stability of a home
• The prohibition of divorce is actually a protection for married couples against human weakness in order to maintain the sanctity of marriage and the family
• The Church knows very well and it anticipates that if divorce be allowed, hell can surely break loose because there will always be abuses and excesses of it as western societies have already taught us
• In Juarez, El Paso, Mexico, you are married today, the next day you are free. The famous Mexican divorce. Divorce can be obtained as fast as changing your clothes
• Marriage has become a game of luck. You marry and marry again, you divorce and divorce again and try a lot more until you win the jackpot
• Where is now the sanctity of marriage? Where is its very purpose of union and love and companionship in procreation in order to generate children and to ensure the continuity of the human race?
• Of course, the Church understands that not all marriages are made in heaven. And a lot of marriages simply just do not work
• Cases of a battered wife of a violent husband cannot just stay forever bruised in her entire life within a marriage!
• A tortured husband cannot stay forever joined to an irresponsible and nagging wife!
• Situations like these could turn a home into a hotbed of hate and anger. This is unfortunate and the Church understands this and all other similar situations that exist in a home
• That is why there is also a leeway in it and the Church allows annulment exercising utmost prudence in its judgment
• Divorce is legal separation, Annulment means there has never been any marriage from the very beginning because of the presence of impediments
• That is why the period of courtship is very important so that a man and a woman could find the right partner that he or she will have to live with and contend with in the entirety of their life. And this requires prayer and reflection and long periods of discernment
• Divorce will be out of the question if the man and the woman finds the right partner
• Today however, the issue of divorce is watered down because sex is no longer done within the confines of marriage
• The truth is that sexual relation is only favorable in the eyes of the Church within the confines of marriage. Sex outside of marriage is either adulterous for married couples and fornication for unmarried men and women
• Sexual promiscuity is the style of the day. This is because of the prevailing principles in philosophy that give so much emphasis on the self, on the freedom and liberty of the individual
• Expressions like I have the right to enjoy, the right to be happy and so on. Pro-choice people would even say that a woman has a right to terminate the unborn because she has the right to her own body
• This is also about the philosophy of hedonism where the right to pleasure is in its maximum. We now live in a hedonistic society where the only thing that counts is pleasure
• Why do you need marriage when sex can be as easy as buying medicines in the counter!
• Sexual promiscuity necessitates abortion because the partners are not ready for responsibility. It is simply sex for pleasure with the absence of responsibility. So sexual promiscuity is freedom from responsibility
• And abortion is the necessary consequence because partners are not ready for the gift of life, the door to new life is shut off even before it develops
• So you see, with sexual promiscuity human beings could not even be conceived, and if they are, they are terminated. This is plain selfishness because it blocks access to the gift of life to the unborn
• Of course sexual promiscuity already includes the spread of diseases previously unknown to the human race
• Governments in the world have miserably failed to control the spread of the dreaded AIDS disease despite the massive promotion on the use of prophylactics
• The better way is to promote the virtue of chastity, marital fidelity, and sexual purity. A lot of young people male or female are signing up making a promise to postpone sex until their wedding day

C. Challenge
• My brothers and sisters, all the Christians of the world are called to fidelity and faithfulness to the Lord. And this fidelity finds its expression through the faithfulness that a husband and a wife do within marriage
• The gospel today is calling all of us to be faithful to ourselves. The gospel is calling us all to be faithful, to be pure, to be prudent in matters of sexual relationships
• We are all challenged to the call of sexual fidelity, married or single, male or female, heterosexuals or straights, gays or lesbians alike
• Our foremost example is Jesus and Mary who remained pure and holy not only in body but also in mind, heart, and soul
• The beauty of fidelity surpasses all the beauty in the world because fidelity is the beauty of our soul that shines before the eyes of God

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Mark 10 verse 2-16

Mark 10 verse 2-16

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