Luke 8:1-13
September 15, 2020
Message 0046
September 16, 2020

Luke 8:1-13

24th Week in Ordinary Time
1 Corinthians 15:35-27, 42-49
Luke 8:4-15

A. Text/Context

  • We have just heard from the gospel a very popular parable already very common to us – the parable of the sower
  • One day Jesus came to the side of the lake preaching. And of course with the popularity of Jesus large crowd of people will always follow him wherever he goes
  • We can just imagine the thick crowd of people pushing and jostling each other all wanting to listen to what would Jesus say to them
  • And so Jesus got into a boat and sat down with the people standing in the shore
  • And that was the time Jesus taught the people about the parable of the sower
  • So the sower sows the seed. Along the way some seeds fell on the road, others on rocky ground, others among the thorns
  • Of course the seeds that fell in those places did not grow and they all die
  • But the seeds that fell on the fertile soil, they all grow and bear fruit a hundred fold
  • Now the disciples are asking: Why do you speak to them in parables?
  • Well, one reason is that this story is in a rural setting, they are in the side of the lake
  • And so, most of the people gathered are farmers or fisherman the soil is fertile by the side of the lake
  • Jesus makes use of the scenery to tell the parable so that the people will immediately understand the goodness of God
  • So we now understand that the sowing does not simply means the seeds
  • The seed that was sown is now the word of God preached by Jesus
  • The word of God is now the teachings of Jesus: love of God, love of neighbor, forgiveness, kindness, patience, charity, etc.
  • The reality that we are here attending the Eucharist, praising, praying and worshipping the lord is the reason that the seeds have already borne fruit
  • And the word of God did not change from the very beginning, and it will continue to remain the same until the end of time
  • Only human beings change and we easily forget the teachings of Jesus because of our human weakness

B. Human Situation

  • Now we ask the question: If the seed in the parable is the word of God, then, what is now the soil where the seed can grow?
  • It is us. All of us. Our heart is the very place where the word of God can grow and multiply in all the good work that we do
  • This is where God expects us to respond to his teachings according to a certain degree of responsibility
  • Now at present, the whole world is experiencing a health crisis. We have a very tense and volatile situation that could easily change into a civil disturbance
  • If some sectors of society would incite the people to resort to violence, then our country will be thrown to the dogs
  • This is the right time that we exercise our utmost prudence in making decisions
  • You see, if the influential people, those in high positions or authority would give statements to the media, radio or television, they can sway public opinions leading to a bad conclusion!
  • The results can be fatal! Any wrong decision can turn this country into a civil war
  • God teaches us to be prudent in making decisions, to remain calm and sober in the midst of turmoil and bickering
  • God teaches us to be patient by resorting to the slow and painful process of order and harmony
  • God has never taught us to be impatient and get recourse to a bloody and violent takeover
  • Just imagine the scenario of a restive military. If they will be very impatient, there can be a coup resulting to a junta in government and arrest all the people violating the covid 19 regulations
  • And military rule is the rule of the Dark Ages. It is just totally unfit in this age of liberty, freedom and democracy

C. Challenge

  • This is the challenge that the gospel brings us today
  • God is reminding us that we must always remember his goodness and generosity
  • God simply sows the seed of love and charity for all the people of this planet no matter if he will be rejected or not
  • And it’s the same for all of us. That we must also sow the seeds of love, forgiveness and charity and HOPE will result from it
  • In the 1st reading St. Paul also reminds us that the suffering of this present time are as nothing compared with the glory to be revealed for us.
  • Let us all work for peace. Let us all sow the seeds of love and charity that they may all grow in the land of fertility



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