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Luke 1:26-38 October 7 – Feast of the Holy Rosary

October 7 – Feast of the Holy Rosary
Acts 1:12-14
Luke 1:26-38

A. Background of the Feast

  • This commemorative feast was established by St. Pius V on the anniversary of the naval victory won by the Christian fleet at Lepanto; a war between Christian Europe over the Turks under the Ottoman Empire on October 7, 1571
  • The victory was attributed to the help of the Mother of God whose aid was invoked through praying the rosary. Mary interceded on behalf of the Christians in a war
  • According to Dominican tradition, in 1206, St. Dominic was in France, attempting to convert the Albigensians back to the Catholic faith
  • The young priest had little success until one day he received a vision of the Blessed Virgin, who gave him the Rosary as a tool against heretics
  • The intercession of Mary through the praying of the rosary helped St. Dominic defeat the heresy of the Albigensians
  • Albigensian belief was dualistic: they saw the universe as a struggle between good and evil, in which the physical, tangible world was inherently corrupt, evil, the creation of Satan, and the spiritual universe was the realm of the good God, a destiny for the soul striving to escape the burdens of the material world
  • So, Mary interceded on behalf of the Christians in a war against heresy

A. Text and Context

  • While we celebrate today the Feast of the Holy Rosary, what is mentioned in the gospel is the Annunciation of Mary that she will be the Mother of the Savior
  • And Mary said yes and so the little Jesus was conceived in her womb made possible through the Holy Spirit
  • The obedience of Mary to the will of God earned her the title as the Mother of our Savior who will soon establish the Church in his preaching ministry. Mary’s obedience also earned for her the title as the Mother of the Church

B. Human Situation

  • And indeed, the Church was established through the blood of the apostles
  • And during the heydays of the Ottoman Empire, the Moslems reigned supreme. The Church in Constantinople is now overruled by the empire and they are expanding to include all of Europe. The destruction of the Church that Jesus established is now very imminent
  • Can you imagine if the conquest of Europe by the Turks could have succeeded? Surely, Christianity would be wiped out in the Philippines because at that time Christianity was just 50 years old when the victory of the war in Lepanto happened
  • The Catholic faithful has been praying the rosary since time immemorial when Christianity was rooted in our country
  • Mary is so venerated in this country and in many parts of the world so that through her intercession, many are liberated from the powers of tyranny and evil
  • It was Mary who appeared at EDSA in 1986 to the soldiers driving the tanks so that they no longer followed the commands to subdue the people but instead asked for rosaries so they can pray to the beautiful lady who appeared to them
  • As Matthias was chosen to replace Judas as the apostle in the 1st reading, Mary has also replaced the serpent goddess adored by the natives of Mexico and the human sacrifices halted because of the intervention of the Lady of Guadalupe

C. Challenge

  • Surely today, in this horrible pandemic, Mary will conquer again this Satanic virus as we continue to have recourse to her asking for the intercession of the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary to stop this virus that is suffocating the lives of the people all over the world




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