Luke 10:38-42 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time July 17, 2022 Martha, Martha, you are anxious and worried about many things. There is need of only one thing. Mary has chosen the better part and it will not be taken from her
July 16, 2022
Luke 12:13-21 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time July 31, 2022 Thus will it be for all who store up treasure for themselves but are not rich in what matters to God
July 30, 2022

Luke 11:1-13 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time July 24, 2022 … and when he had finished, one of his disciples said to him, “Lord, teach us to pray”

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Genesis 18:20-32
Colossians 2:12-14
Luke 11:1-13

A. Text/Context
• Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you
• These are the things that Jesus taught his disciples and it simply means that God is so good, kind charitable, and generous
• And these are the things that we do in prayer asking the Lord for everything we need and it further means that God will still continue to be good to us even if we are bad, naughty, or unkind
• That is why the gospel begins with Jesus teaching his disciples how to pray and he taught them the Our Father and within that prayer, if we ask or make requests there is the promise that God will give us what we ask
• There is the promise that if we seek we will find what we are looking for
• There is also the promise that if we knock, the door will open up for us for many opportunities in life
• Jesus has shown us in the gospel today the relationship between God and his people through prayer
• In fact the last example is a relationship between the father and the son where even a very irresponsible father cannot afford to give his son a snake instead of bread
• If even an irresponsible father can provide bread for his son, then how much more of the Father who is so good to all? He will even give the Holy Spirit!
• It simply means that even if we are bad God will still provide for us
• And to make the example clearer is like this: even the most hardened criminal with all the sins that he has committed against many people, he still has a soft spot in his heart, then how much more of the Father in heaven?
• Will the Father give a snake instead of a fish? He will never do that

B. Human Situation
• In our lives as Christians more often we wonder and we ask the question why is it that it seems our prayers have not been heard even if we have been praying for a long time
• And, if our prayer is answered, it is not the one that we ask
• The answer is that what we ask may look so good to our own eyes, but it is not pleasing in the eyes of God or God sees the bad side of it that we were not able to see
• For example, we pray that we become prosperous in our business so that we become rich and famous and what we ask of God is according to our own plan
• But God knows us beforehand that we are so weak when it comes to money
• God knows that we have the tendency to strike back at our enemies once we will be rich or once we will be in power
• Money and power then once will make our lives sinful in that sense
• I remember our neighbor in our place in Davao sabi niya sus, kung yayaman lang ako bilihin ko talaga ang lahat na mga mayayabang
• Sa Cebuano pa kung modatu lang ko paliton gyud nako ang tanang mga hambogero
• You will not prosper because God will not allow that to happen so that our own spiritual life will be ruined
• Even the famous apostle St. Paul said that God has listened to so many of his prayers but there is only one thing that God refuses to give, to heal him of his own sickness
• And Paul knows before hand that if he will be strong and in good health he has the tendency to dominate to control others
• God said to him that’s enough Paul, it is in your weakness that my power will be made manifest
• This is an example of the mystery of prayer. There are things that we ask and God would refuse
• It can happen that if we become rich, we will forget God and it happened to so many rich people and many rich nations
• They have already forgotten God, their lives become so secular because of so much comfort and ease
• But you see the gospel has already told us that even if we are bad God will still continue to be good to us
• So we should never stop praying and God will answer us a thousand different ways
• You can hear of testimonies of couples noong sila ay dalaga pa o binata hindi naman talaga nila gusto yong kanilang naging asawa; but later on they found out sila pala talaga ang perfect match
• There are things that we ask of the Lord that are already given to us but we do not actually have thought about them
• It is only with the passage of time that we realize that what God has given is really perfect
• And one thing is so important; our prayers are not answered according to our own timing
• God’s time is always the perfect time. God will give it to us according to his own time

C. Challenge
• As Christians we are challenged to continue to pray always to God for all the things that we need because he will not be deaf to all our pleadings; even if we are sinful
• Where sin abounds grace abounds all the more
• In the 1st reading there was a bargaining between God and Abraham
• What if there are 50 good people? Until it reaches to 10 and God agreed he will not destroy Sodom
• So you see we should not be disheartened by the many sins that we commit or the many wrongdoings that we did because God will still continue to be good to us
• Of course we know that Sodom was destroyed by God because not even one is good among all
• Even if there are so many people who are evil, still, there are so many people who are good
• God will continue to listen to us

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Luke 11 verse 1-13

Luke 11 verse 1-13

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