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John 1:47-51 Feast of the Archangels – St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael September 29

Feast of the Archangels – St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael September 29
Daniel 7:9-10 or Revelation 12:7-12
John 1:47-51

A. Text/Context

  • There are references in the bible about angels: there is Michael as the protector of the people that is why in many Churches there is always the statue of St. Michael because he protects the Church against evil
  • There is Gabriel who made the annunciation to Mary that she will be the mother of God
  • And there is Raphael who healed the sickness of the people in the Book of Tobit
  • And in fact there is also a hierarchy angels, we have a seraph which is the highest form because they protect the throne of God, the seraph is the one that appears to St. Francis on the stigmatization, an angel with 6 wings
  • We also have an archangel like Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, there is an angel, and there is also a cheruba baby angel that we see in statues and portraits
  • These are heavenly or celestial personalities that populate the celestial court of our God together with the holy people and the saints in heaven
  • Angels have different functions and they all work as messengers of God’s revelation as portrayed in the Book of Revelation in the 1st reading

B. Human Situation

  • In our Christian faith we believe in the existence of angels and these things are very difficult to explain because these are spiritual beings that we do not see
  • But in the tradition of the Church and even in the scriptures there is always a rich heritage about angels
  • There are angels written in the doctrines of the Church and that is why belief in angels is really a matter of faith because these beings are not tangible and they belong to the higher plane
  • And in these modern times, with almost every aspect of our faith getting very secular, when there is so much rationalism as a form of philosophy and that everything needs to be explained, he tendency is not to believe anymore in the existence of angels
  • People actually become atheists or agnostics when they put so much emphasis on rationalism
  • If we set aside the belief concerning the existence of spiritual beings like angels that would be the beginning of the erosion of the faith
  • Here in the Philippines faith in the angels are still very strong but in deeply secular countries, they just find them mythical and legendary
  • If there are really no angels to fight against evil what follows is that the devil also does not exist anymore, so that in the end, now follows a domino of unbelief
  • So you see the tactic of Satan, he wants the people not to believe in the devil and so he lurks in the dark hiding in the system of unbelief
  • If we do not believe in angels, the logic is that we also do not believe in demons, and so there is no God at all, and we also believe that there is no soul at all
  • If we cannot believe in a God who is a being that we do not see, then we cannot believe also on all beings that we do not see including God himself
  • And therefore, everything that we cannot see is not worthy of belief anymore
  • So, there is always the danger that what we are supposed to believe, we no longer believe anymore
  • This is tantamount to not believing all of the spiritual beings and that includes God
  • In the gospel today Jesus himself even told Nathaniel that you will see the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man
  • So, it is very clear, whether we believe in angels or not, angels really exist because Jesus himself said so

C. Challenge

  • So what doesthe existence of angels matter to our life as Christians and religious?
  • You are frantic with something that you need and is not available and suddenly your friend arrived and he makes himself available to you
  • Your friend arrived just at the right moment and the right time and he is an angel to you
  • If you just search angels in the internet you will see hundreds of videos on YouTube
  • Stories of angels appearing in human form who rescue victims trapped during car accidents and they just disappear when the victim is already free
  • Police would investigate who is that man or woman who came first to the scene of the accident, and there is none
  • Victims themselves who are rescued would remember a man or a woman helping them but they found them nowhere later on
  • The most fascinating story I personally heard about angels come from my co-worker in a boat(I worked on board ship before I entered the seminary)
  • He told us a story that he saw a huge angel hovering low above the people during the mass and a feather fell from the angel itselfand he looked for it
  • Of course, he did not find the feather it was a vision. But after that really, there was a marvelous change in his life
  • You see that, how blessed are the people who saw angels even just once in their entire lives
  • But Jesus said those who believe and do not see are even more blessed
  • So, seeing an angel is not something that happens everyday. It is enough to believe, as believing in a single spiritual being is also tantamount to believing in all the celestial beings that are contained in the rich deposit of our faith
  • What would be left entirely to us is the human aspect that we could shine like angels
  • It means that just like the angels we are called to become the messengers of God to our neighbors. We are called to bring charity to those who need our help
  • We are called to show and offer the goodness of God to others so that they too may experience how gracious God is
  • We personalize the image of the angels in ourselves by giving assistance to those who are in great difficulty, a shoulder to lean on to somebody burdened with sadness and sorrow
  • We can be a good counselor to those who hunger for our words of wisdom giving others a piece of good advice to make their problems a little easier to bear
  • We can personify the duties of the angels to protect the young and the innocent against the proliferation of drugs and pornography
  • We can be heralds of good news by the good and decent words or language that come from our mouths instead of spreading gossips and scandals
  • We can even heal the broken hearted and the afflicted just by simply giving a listening ear to their laments
  • In this feast of the archangels there is so much that we can do to imitate the goodness of God as what the angels do


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