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November 29, 2020
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Feast of St. Andrew Apostle

St. Andrew – November 30
Romans 10:9-18
Matthew 4:18-22

A. Text/Context
• Andrew the brother of Simon Peter are casting their nets into the sea and Jesus called them and they followed
• And from there Jesus also recruited James and John who were also mending their nets
• So apparently, the 1st 4 disciples recruited by Jesus are fishermen
• Of course, we already know that Peter has become the 1st pope to lead the Church
• Jesus told them come after me and I will make you fishers of men. From now on you will be catching men they are now ready to follow and they left everything behind
• Jesus has successfully recruited a new and blooming leadership in his apostles and who are they? They are fishermen
• St. Andrew the apostle is the brother of Peter is from Bethsaida a town in the shores of the Lake of Galilee
• The tradition in the Church tells us that Andrew was crucified in Greece in a cross resembling like a letter X that is why an X cross is also known as St. Andrew’s cross
• Andrew was bound, not nailed, to such cross supposedly at his own request, as he deemed himself unworthy to be crucified on the same type of cross where Jesus was nailed
• The name “Andrew” in Greek means manly, brave, “manhood and valour”. He is considered the patron saint of Constantinople
• In the gospel of St. John it says that Andrew is a disciple of John the Baptist whose testimony first led him to follow Jesus
• Andrew at once recognized Jesus as the Messiah, and hastened to introduce him to his brother Peter and so the two brothers were disciples of Christ
• In the gospels Andrew is referred to as being present on some important occasions as one of the disciples more closely attached to Jesus
• A basilica of St. Andrew at Patras in Greece is where Andrew’s relics are kept and the place where the basilica stands is said to be the place of his martyrdom

B. Human Situation
• So the disciples were given a mission to preach the gospel to the ends of the earth
• And they preached the gospel so well so that wherever they go they have established the Church because the Christian communities flourished and became numerous
• They preached the gospel with so much zeal and devotion even to the point of martyrdom
• Why because they responded to the call with a commitment to the point of death
• Jesus established the Church through the foundation of the blood of the apostles
• The foundation of the Church is the blood of the apostles spilled because of martyrdom. Almost all of them

C. Challenge
• So today in this feast of St. Andrew we are reminded of our commitment to our God as Catholic Christians
• How well did you nurture your souls as you go through with the daily grind of life is our expression of such commitment
• Your commitment to the kind of life that you live now is your response to the call of God
• Wherever we are God calls us to witness what the Church has preached
• Nobody wants to become a martyr today. But if we sacrifice for the sake of following the Lord by doing good, then that is a kind of commitment congruent to martyrdom
• St. Andrew did his part, we are also called to do our own part, and we have to start something small and God will make it big

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Matthew 4 verse 18-22

Matthew 4 verse 18-22

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